What ages are appropriate to start skating?
US Speedskating Association Membership
Annual Club Membership
What other activities support the conditioning needed for speed skating?
What is dryland training?
What kind of physical shape does someone need to be in to speed skate?
What skills do you need to start learning to speed skate?
How do I tie the skates?
How do I look after my equipment (care and maintenance?)
How do I keep my skates sharp?
Why do I need to keep my skates sharp?
Where can I get UCB skinsuits?
What should I wear to practice?
Where can I get this equipment?
What equipment do I need?
Practice Rules and Requirements
Do parents have to stay for practices or can I drop my kid off?
What is a typical practice like?
What time commitment do skaters make?
How are practice times set (why so late/early)?
Monthly calendar
When does all this take place?
Where does UCB practice
What is a race like?
When is a new skater ready to race?
Are there any competitions especially for beginners?
What are the different age categories in short-track speedskating?
Tips for Race Day: Food, Dress and Expectations